Van Schie Potlelies
Van Schie Potlelies
Molenbroeklaan 8
2675 LH Honselersdijk
tel. + 31 174 628183
fax + 31 174 641526

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Van Schie Potlelies grows its products under ideal circumstances, in modern greenhouses with concrete flooring, screens and cultivation light with an intensity of 6,000 lux. The result is an excellent quality end product.

A wide range of potted lilies is available all year round in a number of colours and pot diameters. Our website gives descriptions and photos of the range, while the current availability can always be checked via Plantconnect or FloraXchange. If you would like to receive a weekly list of our current range, we will be pleased to add your e- mail address to our mailing list. Send an e-mail to and consider it arranged!

Please contact us if you have any specific wishes regarding delivery, packaging or added value items. We shall be pleased to discuss them with you, in order to meet all your requirements.

We make our own transport arrangements to the auction locations in Honselersdijk, Aalsmeer, Rijnsburg and Bleiswijk. We are only 3 minutesí drive from the Flora Holland location in Honselersdijk, which allows us to deliver a number of times a day at short notice. We can supply your box if required, though there is also the option of loading your own truck for dispatch to your final destination, as we are favourably located along the route to the A4.

For further information, contact our Sales Department T +31 174 628183 or >

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