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premium heliconia

The tropical Heliconia looks like a mixture of the Indian reed palm, bird of paradise flower and banana plant. Between the dark green springy leaves, the striking red, round, pointed shapes grow into special flowers. In nature the Heliconia can reach a height of 5 meters. Dummen Orange bred a compact plant which is about 60 to 75 cm high, the Premium Heliconia. The Premium Heliconia f has at least 3 flowers. Each new leaf gives a new flower!

Heliconia is a cheerful decoration for your home and can also be brought out in the summer months to provide your garden or balcony with natural flora.

We grow two varieties; Premium Heliconia Hawaii (yellow-red flowers) and Curacao (orange flowers).

You can certainly enjoy this plant for at least half a year, if you take care of it in the right way - lots of light, a warm place (at least 15 ° C) and plenty of water.


The Heliconia comes from Central and South America and the islands in the Pacific Ocean south of Indonesia. Nowadays Heliconia is planted worldwide in the tropics. In the past, the plant belonged to the Musaceae family (banana plant). Now it is the only plant in the Heliconiaceae family. There are 200 species in nature, with all kinds of different inflorescences.
The plants are an important food source for birds such as the hummingbird that feed on the nectar of the flowers. In addition, water can be stored in the leaves. This water reservoir is important for the first life stages of many organisms, such as mosquitoes and frogs.


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